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Aerial photo
This aerial photo shows today’s Terezin from 1,000 meters. The town is a bastion fortress built at the end of the 18th century. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

Ghetto Plan
This is a photo of the so-called “Settlement Plan for Theresienstadt.” The new train track into the ghetto is clearly marked. It was designed and built by the prisoners to facilitate SS logistics in bringing the transports directly into Theresienstadt. This blueprint from 1942 was drawn up by the technical department of the ghetto’s Jewish self-administration. ©Regional Archives, Litoměřice, CZ.

Guard Posts
Members of the Ghetto Police (Ghettowache) left this Czech inscription on one of the fortress gates. It reads: This gate was guarded by the Ghettowache, 1944, A.D. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

A Poem about Bedbugs
This rhyme was written on the wall by a Dutch prisoner. It describes a sleepless night. A brief translation: O bedbug, o bedbug, o bedbug, you ugly beast… ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

13.II.1944 Terezín
A puzzling inscription from February 13, 1944. It was written by an unknown prisoner. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

Charles Bridge in Prague
A well-known theme: The Charles Bridge in Prague was a symbol of home for many Prague Jews. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

Found in an attic. Unauthorized Entry Strictly Prohibited. This sign in German script from the 1940s appears on a door. Where did the door lead? To whom was the sign addressed? We seek answers to these questions. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

Dancing Bugs
This wall drawing of dancing ladybugs was found in an attic. The author is not known. In the overcrowded ghetto the attics were used to house prisoners. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

Attic Modifications
Remnants of a “kumbál” (tiny room in Czech) at the Hannover Barracks. The boards created a modicum of privacy and that in the ghetto was a privilege. ©WILDFISCH, Roland Wildberg, Uta Fischer

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