The website is up and running.

It is a platform for documenting objects and other traces that are continually being found on the grounds of the former Theresienstadt ghetto.

We need your help!
Have you heard or read the stories of family or friends who survived the Theresienstadt ghetto?

What stories have you heard?
Please take a close look at the photo galleries on this website. Do you or your friends recognize anything?

Appeal to the inhabitants of Terezín!
We are interested in your knowledge and memories, as well as documents such as letters, photos, maps and building plans from the period between 1939-1950.

This includes obtaining photos of various aspects of the ghetto that are no longer visible today. For example, we are interested in photos taken of buildings, their facades and roofs prior to any post-war renovations.

Could there still be traces from the ghetto period in your building or in the one next door?

Please help us in finding the answers to the many unsolved questions surrounding Ghettospuren – Traces of the Ghetto.

Your answers will help us give voice to the silent witnesses still unheard who might be waiting in the cellars, in the attics, in the corners and on the interior or exteriors walls of Terezín buildings.

Anyone can participate in this project!

Our goal is to have recovered as much material evidence and information as possible by May 8, 2015, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the ghetto.

We need your help in reaching this goal!
We look forward to your stories and any and all references concerning material traces from the ghetto period.

Please contact us!
Click HERE to contact us regarding questions and suggestions you might have.

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